At Bravado Haircutters, we are doing everything we can to prevent being infected by COVID-19. We disinfect stations and chairs between clients. We constantly wash our hands and use antibacterial lotions. We do not reuse wraps or towels, everything goes into a long, hot wash cycle with disinfectant. 


We are taking every measure to ensure the health and safety of all our team and our clients.

Masks are mandatory and we request that you wear one for the entire duration of your appointment. If you are having a beverage, please wear your mask in between sips. Our team will also be wearing masks. No mask = no service.


We kindly ask, please do not bring any plus one’s to your appointment, as we are only permitted a certain amount of people in our salon. Any plus ones who tag along, will be asked to remain outside.


When you arrive at your appointment, we will ask you to sanitise your hands (yes, even if you just did it in the car). Please respect our policies and procedures and refrain from commenting on how we are choosing to run our business, as this is what we feel is the right way to approach the current situation, given that we are in close contact with our clients for long periods.


During this time, we kindly ask that if you are sick, or have symptoms of getting sick, that you reschedule your appointment. As a small business seeing many people per week, we need to make sure we are in tip top health! 


We work in close contact with people and we don’t want to compromise the health of our hairdressers. This way, the salon remains open as usual and people can still have their appointments.  


We promise to be as accommodating as possible :)


Thank you all for understanding!

The Bravado Team xx