Hi there, if you're here for our custom colour kits, or some retail products, fill in your details and we will be in contact soon with details of price and availability.

Please note:
- Colour kits are only available for click and collect (we cannot ship them to you)
- Colours must be used within 24 hours of pickup. The kit contains everything you need for your colour application, including a full set of instructions and when a kit is purchased, you will receive the access code to log into the tutorials page of our website, where we have videos of the colour application process. 
Colour Kits are only available to existing clients with colour history notes in our salon.
- Colour kits are only for refreshing root colours and toners, we cannot offer you colour changes or variations during this time.
Colour kits must be ordered by no later than 6pm the night before a scheduled pick up day, and must be paid for prior to pick up. When ordered you will be given a specific pick up time.

What are you after today?

Kit includes everything you need.

At this stage we can only offer colour kit pick ups from the salon (no delivery due to stage 4 restrictions and we cannot post colour). Please choose the time range you would prefer and we will contact you with an exact pick up time to avoid too many people coming in at once.
Please let us know if you DO NOT need any of the following. Reuse what you have, if possible. Feel free to bring in jars or bottles fom your last kit for us to recycle properly

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