Hi there,

Thank you for choosing Bravado Haircutters to look after you. 

We just have a few things we'd like you to read about, prior to coming in for your appointment.

2020 and 2021 have brought many challenges to us and our business. We ask you to be patient and understanding when you come in. It may be some weeks before we can look after many of you, as we are also experiencing some changes in the salon with Angie and Leila about to go on maternity leave, Bec returning early from maternity leave and only working part-time, Kathleen leaving to open her own salon and cutting down to one day a week until Christmas. Taylah will also be finishing up with us at Christmas time as she is planning to travel around Australia with her boyfriend in the new year. So we have a lot of pressure on us over the next few weeks, as we try to fit in many months of cancelled appointments. As such, we will not be doing any stand alone Blowaves for the rest of the year. Blowaves will still be included with a haircut, and you are able to add on a Blowave to your colour service.

Some notes on coming in to your appointment:

-Due to government regulations, we can only have 5 fully vaccinated clients in at one time. All our staff will also be fully vaccinated. You will be required to show us your vaccination certificate before entering. If you are not fully vaccinated before your appointment, please reschedule or if you show up without a certificate, we will cancel your appointment on the spot and you will need to pay a cancelation fee. 

-You are still required to wear a facemask during your service. 

-You will be asked to check in upon arrival and sanitise your hands.

-We will be serving beverages in disposable cups to 1)save time on washing and 2)maintain a clean and healthy environment for all. You are required to wear your facemask at all times, except when taking sips of your drink. Please replace it in between. You are welcome to bring in your own beverage.

-Magazines are back! But you are still welcome to bring in your own reading material

-Our team has also suffered through this lockdown and in many ways reopening the salon is more stressful than closing. Please be kind to us and patient as we all have things going on in our personal lives.

-Please arrive on time to your appointment. We are very restricted with time and chairs. If you are more than 10minutes late, you may either need to have a lesser service done, or in some cases reschedule if there is simply not enough time.

-No cancellations will be accepted with less than 24 hours notice. Doing so will incur a cancelation fee of 50% of your appointment. This covers the staff wages we need to pay, and the time lost when we could have fit one of the dozens of people on our cancellation list if we had more notice.

-No plus ones - do not bring anyone with you to your appointment, no children, partners or friends. We are VERY restricted with the number of people we can have in our salon

-We have introduced tiered pricing. You can check out our prices here --> cuts / colours.

-Annual bookings for clients -will not be done at this stage due to all the changes happening. We are doing our best to find 4-5 new team members, but our entire industry is suffering a shortage of hairdressers at the moment.

Do you know any qualified hairdressers looking for new salon to work in? Get them to send their resume to bravadocareers@gmail.com

Lastly, please do not comment on how we are running our salon. We are doing our best to keep it together, given everything that is going on.

We thank you for your support, you are the ones who keep us all in a job.

Love, The Bravado Team x

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