Our hardworking and passionate creator of ‘Bravado Haircutters.’ ✨ 
Bec has always had a deep passion for hairdressing, taking her dream one step further and beginning her own business. 
Over the last 7 years Bec has brought up a strong team of fellow stylists to join the ever-growing group at ‘Bravado.’ Becs’ speciality is styling hair for weddings, alongside her sister-in-law and make-up artist Sarah (@be_brave_mua) (@weddingsbybravado) πŸ’•


Bec is currently on maternity leave caring for her newborn twins Archie & Zoe. She plans to be back in action late this year.

Don’t forget to check out @bec_bravadohair to see more of Becs’ work.



Angie is one of our bright and bubbly stylists here at ‘Bravado.’ πŸ’›
She’s an all-rounder and loves getting stuck into every form of hairdressing, however, if you’re wanting one of our signature twisty blow drys or a new set of hair extensions, Angie is the one for you! 
Don’t be alarmed if you can’t get a word in with this chatty gal, she’ll always keep the conversation flowing. πŸ˜†

To see more of Angie and her work, go check out @angie_bravadohair!




One of our qualified hair stylists at ‘Bravado Haircutters’. Leila is the one behind our Instagram and other socials! πŸ™‹‍♀️
Her passion and creativity really shows through her balayage’s, lived-in colour work and hair painting. Creating natural sun-kissed hair is one of her favourite things but not all she is limited to! 


Check out some of Leilas’ work on @leila_bravadohair! 🌻




One of our senior stylists and salon manager of ‘Bravado Haircutters’. Kathleen’s easy going nature and love for all things earthy has translated into her work in the salon at Bravado. πŸƒ

Alongside Kevin Murphy Colour.Me, Kathleen’s organic approach to hairdressing creates beautiful healthy hair. Advanced and corrective colouring techniques have proven to be a strong skill in Kathleen’s repatoire alongside an everlasting passion for blondes.

Check out some of Kathleens’ work on @kathleen_bravadohair! 🌼




Our vibrant and bubbly emerging stylist! Taylah is in her 3rd year of training at ‘Bravado’ and is constantly wowing us with her work!  πŸ€© 


Taylah has a natural flare for hair, and this truely shows in her amazing colour work on blondes and beautiful ‘twisty’ blow-drys. Her fun-loving and easy going attitude makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door. 


To keep updated with all of Taylahs’ work, be sure to check out @taylah_bravadohairπŸ’–




Our resident makeup artist who has worked alongside Bec for the last 6 years. Sarah has been involved with all our events, from photoshoots, to weddings and any occasion in between. πŸ₯‚

Sarah‘s talents range from weddings to school formals, to mature women, race days and many other events. Whether it be your first makeup experience or a returning visit, Sarah will make you feel comfortable. 


Check out Sarahs’ work 

@be_brave_mua πŸŒΈ

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 2.54.56 pm.png



Labrini is our self employed hair stylist here at ‘Bravado Haircutters’ πŸ’–


Having been in the industry for over 25 years, Labrini has owned her own salon and had a lot of experience in the hairdressing world. 

Labrini specialises in ladies cuts and colours and is a very visual stylist. 


You’ll be greeted with a kind smile by Lab when you walk in the door 😊





Meet Breanna! Our newest emerging stylist here at ‘Bravado Haircutters’ πŸ’— 


Breannas warm smile will be one of the first you see when you come to the salon! She has a flair for creativity and can’t wait to learn all things hairdressing. 

At the moment, Breanna is enjoying learning different curling techniques and hair styles. ✨


We can’t wait to watch her grow in her career here at Bravado 😁